2170 / Piazza Vecchia / Bergamo

Piazza Vecchia at #bergamo. The favorite square of Le Corbusier, they say! One of my favorite for sure, but I would maybe vote for Siena’s square (Il Campo) what do you think? #uniball and #pentelbrushpen on #cansonsketchbook

1518 / Maison La Roche – Jeanneret

Analizando la geometría de la entrada de la casa La Roche – Jeanneret de Le Corbusier, obecto de estudio del la asignatura de Análisis de Formas Arquitectónicas – ETSAV
Bolígrafo e rotulador Copic. (papel caballo A3)

No pretende ser un dibujo perfecto ni atractivo, pero comunicar un proceso de análisis de un determinado espacio arquitectónico.

The Campidoglio star in 10 minutes! following Le Corbusier steps II

I’ve missed drawing in b&w, so nothing better than this beautiful and iconic square.

The first reason I post Le Corbusier sketch (I found it at an exhibition at the MAXXI) is to remark that when he drew it, the original drawing pavement, planned by Michelangelo, wasn’t already done!

The second reason, is to protest against the impossibility to go anymore where LC drew it (more or less 90 years ago). in fact, that is the best (forbidden) spot to comtemplate the Fantastic Renacentist Square,  commissioned by the Farnese Pope Paul III.



Maison du Brésil / CIUP // Paris (Lúcio Costa+Le corbusier)

The first year I lived in Paris I was lucky to live right next to this residence. Unfortunatly, the building was closed that year, though temporarly rented to some movie producers. One night, they organized a private party, that was when me and my girlfriend got the chance to sneak into the building…

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