1250 / Guadalaviar School*patio / Valencia // Spain

Guadalaviar School (1957-60) is one my favorite buildings in Valencia. I love the composition of the exterior volumes, but I would like to  stress the remarkable atmosphere created by the inner garden. Yesterday I saw this terrific light crossing the patio and I thought: “I had to Paint it!”  Architect: Fernando Martínez García-Ordoñez

des 05-15011_guadalaviar-r21-psi

1168 / 46 sketchcrawl at Patraix / Valencia // Spain

The sketchcrawl number 46 meeting was held yesterday at Patraix, Valencia. It was the most crowded sketchcrawl meeting in this city, since we started this sketching activity.

I was a bit nervous, because there was a lot of people chatting with me while I was drawing; as you can see in pic, I think that influenced me with the (bad) proportions of some parts of the sketch…


925 / Car inspection service / Campanar // Valencia

If you have some watercolors on, taking your car to inspection service may no longer be boring, but funny! Mainly if you get a nice inspector like mine, who was chatting and taking pictures of my sketch while working.
hugo_15-4-14 itv001_r_p_s

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