1584 / American Football / NYC

I just found this sketch done in one of the USK NYC meetings (This time, as it was very cold outside) at a bar in University Place.

People were watching an American Football match (I remember Seattle was playing), and the sketchers (as my friend Mark in the foreground) were drawing them…

hugo des ny 12-15 mark002 psc r20

1459 / Drawing at the sound of Dylan / Union Square // NYC 

Christmas Market at Union Square. I found this sunny spot and a good sound track, coming from this leather jacket guy’s cassette player. While he was selling illustrations, played the harmonica at the sound of Bob Dylan music. I was enjoying it: the music, the Sun and NYC.


1456 / Red Water tanks / Parsons School of Design // NYC

5th Avenue, from Parsons’ Library, in a nice, fancy and comfy chair and not in the floor, as unfortunately I’m used too… A nice spot to #sketch when it is cold outside, like these last days in NYC. This perspective demanded one more vanishing point than usual! 

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