674 / No photos! Cappella Sistina / Vaticano

I was going to take some pictures, but the guard told me it was forbidden. Then I asked: can I draw? He didn’t know what to answer….

The hardest thing was to “represent” Michelangelo paintigs in a couple of minutes!

roma 12-13 HUGO 008_r_p_vaticano roma 12-13 HUGO 009_r_p_vaticano

The Campidoglio star in 10 minutes! following Le Corbusier steps II

I’ve missed drawing in b&w, so nothing better than this beautiful and iconic square.

The first reason I post Le Corbusier sketch (I found it at an exhibition at the MAXXI) is to remark that when he drew it, the original drawing pavement, planned by Michelangelo, wasn’t already done!

The second reason, is to protest against the impossibility to go anymore where LC drew it (more or less 90 years ago). in fact, that is the best (forbidden) spot to comtemplate the Fantastic Renacentist Square,  commissioned by the Farnese Pope Paul III.



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