1395 / Seagram Building / NYC

THE Seagram Building is always on my “must draw” list! The Mies Van der Rohe building is surrounded with posterior copies, but this is the one!  On the foreground my “new” Myata Japanese Bicycle, much lighter than the yellow schwinn! 



1156 / The Evoque and the German School / Valencia // Spain

This afternoon I started drawing a building I wanted to sketch for a long time: the German School, at Calle Jaime Roig. The building designed in 1959 by Pablo Navarro Alvargonzález, Julio Trullenque, Eberhard Becker and Dieter Weise, is one of my favorites in Valencia. Nevertheless I ended up focusing myself in the nice Range Rover Evoque parked in front of me…


108 / Marina Abramovic at the MOMA , New York

Performance «The Artist Is Present»

Visitors were encouraged to sit silently in the chair across from the artist for a duration of their choosing, becoming participants in the artwork.  The Artist Is Present is Abramovic’s longest performance to date.


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