1314-1318 / Transumancia / Sheep transhumance-III / Seia // Portugal

Desde a chegada das Ovelhas à aldeia do Sabugueiro, até à noite, no Festival Músicas do Bosque, Lapa dos Dinheiros, onde o tema principal se transformou, de forma algo forçada, por “desenhos pedidos”, num par de motocicletas. O “pedido” trouxe-me velhas memórias de quando trabalhava como D.J., mas então, era música e não “fazer a fotografia” (o desenho), que me pediam: “Ó pintor vou-lhe trazer outra para fazer a fotografia. É uma moto toda marada!”. Não me fiz rogado, afinal esteve bem mais quieta que qualquer uma das ovelhas.

Since the arrival of the sheep to Sabugueiro, until the night party at the Festival Músicas do Bosque (Music Festival) in Lapa dos Dinheiros, where the main drawing subject has become, somewhat forced, by requests drawings” in a couple of motorcycles. The “request” brought me old memories while working as a DJ, altough back then, I was asked for “music” and not to make a picture” (drawing): “Painter! I will you bring other motorbike so you can make the picture. It is is a totally crazy bike“. I must admit I was pleased for the request, after all, the bike was much more quiet than any of the sheep.

transumancia10_6-15_r25 transumancia11_6-15_r25 transumancia12_6-15_r25 transumancia13_6-15_r25transumancia14_6-15_r25

1068 / Second day at Motorbike exhibition / MUVIM / Valencia //Spain

hugo 10-14002_lambretta_rps23 ld125hugo 10-14002_impalar50

Finally I was able to draw a Lambretta, ( I hope my friend lambrettista.net from WordPress enjoys it, because I was thinking on him while drawing! ). In fact, I did 2: a LD125 and a L125. The others are Spanish competition bikes: A Montesa Impala and a 125 Lube Renn (half German).

1067 / Motorbike exhibition at the MUVIM / Valencia //Spain

hugo 10-14002_muvim_rpsc hugo 10-14002_muvim_rpsc_d50 This weekend I was at the Muvim, drawing some gorgeous classic bikes. It was hard to choose what to sketch! Finally I opted, for this first sheet, to sketch two Bultaco ( a “Metralla” from 1962 and a 1967 TSS).

The first choice, though, was the lovely spanish Ducati 24Hores 250cc, from 1950.


881 / Red light in January / Valencia

One more sketch while waiting at the traffic lights. I´m realizing that new cars (or their organic forms) are getting harder and harder to draw (in 1 or. 2 minutes the traffic lights allow).  It is much easier to draw an old Fiat Panda or an Opel Kadett!

The funny, though odd thing is that I drive chasing the cars I´ve already drawn, so I can finish them…

hugo_31-1-2014_red light004_r_p

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