1886 / Travessa de São Marcos / Porto 

Porto’s downtown is changing rapidly. A couple of years ago, the major part of its building were abandoned. These days, due to tourism and speculation, they are being reconstructed, fortunately. Nevertheless, I feel somehow this urge to record the city I was used to….

1876 / Piscina da Quinta da Conceição / Leça da Palmeira

Quinta da Conceição: Swimming pool entrance (Alvaro Siza). This forms always intrigued me, since I was a little boy. I recall felling something special when coming to this place with my aunt and grandmother.

1602 / Newburry St. / Boston

At Boston downtown, almost shocking lifestyle contrast, after two weeks in Utica! Loved this city, human scale, nice gardens and eclectic buildings…and sporty people, so proud of their Celtics team. Here, I used my beloved pilot parallel and muji sketchbook (Forgotten on my backpack for a while! )

1557 / Large Theater / Pompeii // Italy

Teatro Grande (Large Theater). This time the perspectives were supported by a little section, in order to better understand the rational roman exploitation of the natural slope for the construction of the auditorium.  

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