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Thanks Museo de Bellas Artes de Valencia for inviting me for this amazing experience: celebrate International Museum day with my sketches. That made my day! 馃憠check the process pics @gvamubav

HUGO 9-14002_pin贸s_rps Carmen Pin贸s, yesterday at the UPV. The architect presented 3 of her recents projects: Caixaforum of Zaragoza (2011), Cube II tower at Guadalajara, M茅xico (2011) and a little house also at Guadalajara

mac niter贸i_r_p_s_c

Niter贸i is right next to Rio de Janeiro. We crossed the river in an old boat and arrived the fisherman port. Of course, we could have chosen the new fast boat, but the goal was was to enjoy the moment.

The MAC (Museu de Arte Contemporanea) is a strange but beautiful ” abstract object”. Unfortunatelly, 聽when you see it more closely it turns to be a total disaster (concerning the details).

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