1744 / Triumph TR3 Night sketch*scanned version

Triumph TR3 Night sketch in very nice company chez Tazab, merci!

Once a year, in Clermont Ferrand, a group of sketchers get together to draw a classic car. I was lucky to be invited this year to sketch the lovely 1958 Triumph!

Some of them have special gear to sketch at night, like fancy glasses with LED light!


1605 / Night sketch / Salerno 

Night Sketch at Salerno. When I started this drawing, some guys were chatting on the street and kids playing soccer against the old Cathedral wall. The street is the place to be and hang out at the end of the day, when gets fresher . While I was sketching I was trying to find some common point with the places I drew in Utica last week: almost nothing, maybe the wires…

1079 / Swans, ducks and a garden / Viveros // Valencia

Yesterday evening I went for a stroll at one of the gardens of the neighborhood, where did a quick drawing of one of its alleys (central sketch). Then I stopped at the duck’s lake, where, I though I was drawing the birds with black ink ( it was very dark ). After arriving home, I realized that the ducks and swans at the notebook were actually red! I like the composition, anyway!hugo 10 14005_r25-ps

1012 / Restaurante Mediterráneo / Pinedo // Valencia

mediterraneo 7 14_rps mediterraneo _d1des pinedo 7 14At these hot days, while waiting for some “fresh” vacations, there is nothing better than to dine, in some “terraza” near the beach. Just like yesterday at Pinedo were we could finally fell some refreshing sea breeze…

690 / Chiesa Vignola + Vicolo dell’atleta / Roma

Chiesa de S. maria dell’Orto (sec. XVI). Facciata de Jacopo Barozzi – Il Vignola.

The Vicolo dell’Atleta (Alley of the Athlete) gets its name from the finding of a statue of an athlete there, around the middle of the 19th century. The statue, which is called Apoxyomonosand can be seen in the Vatican Museums.


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