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Happy new year from Mercer St.!! I needed an hot coffee after this sketch! Here, I had a bunch of street comments, my favorite was: “That’s an artist, that’s the way to do it! Traditional is the best! No abstract shits! People ain’t artist no more!


At Moma’s PS1 cafeteria. Nice schoolroom ambiance, it’s like having coffee in our old school! After all, The structure built in 1893, was originally the First Ward education building.


At the Jewish neighborhood in Williamsburg where I was surprised with so many Orthodox Jew and odd cantilevered structures on the houses. I felt “in another world”! Great motif to sketch, so visually rich ! I’ve never had so many comments in my life! Apart of the “normal comments”, like “that’s beautiful”, they asked a lot what was the point of drawing there and if was going to sell, or make money with it! I had the sensation that, in general, the comments were more “practical”.

In general, they were very nice and curious and at the same time discreet.  

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