2238 / Peñiscola from the Castle /Spain

Amazing day at Peñiscola, for the #trobadauskmediterrani. Thanks to the wonderful organisation and for inviting me to this wonderful event!

I’ve done a lot of sketches from this Castle, as it was my Phd subject. hugo 2019_001 peñiscola L 72 c  .jpg

This is the drawing I did in 2012, on a similar spot ( a little lower ). I did change my way of drawing in these last 7 years!!


1513 / Calle de Serranos / Valencia // Spain 

Calle de Serranos, one of the more touristic streets at Valencia. While I was drawing I heard Italian, French, Korean (I think), English, … That’s what you get when you’re close to Torres de Serrano, one of the Landmarks of this city.


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