1014 / Corte Pequena (3 drawings) / Mértola // Portugal

mértola 4 140 08_cort- peq- r_pmértola 4 14010_cort- peq- r_pmértola 4 14009_r_pCorte Pequena is a tiny little village near Mértola, that caught my attention for the humble and organic architecture of its dwellings. They were so simple, based on secular constructive traditions, thought totally adapted to the site and climatic conditions; they couldn’t be more efficient!

1011/ Castro Verde // Portugal

mértola 4 14001_rp Visiting Castro Verde, a lovely little village at the South of Portugal. At right and at the bottom, a pair of quick sketches from two building of the architects Nuno Portas and Camilo Cortesão. Helena Passos, Thanks for the tour!

992 / Mehari at the sidewalk / Campomanes // Altea

altea -6-14 002_mehari-rps At the Beach of Campomanes the sidewalks are often used to park the car, so people have to walk on the street. Strange urban reversal functions. If the car is a lovely orange Mehari like this one, I can excuse it (almost!)….

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