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After 861 drawings, I´ve broken one of the rules of this Blog: NOT TO DRAW BY PHOTO.

I had a commission from a friend to draw a classic Porsche, that I couldn’t find in Valencia, so I was forced to break the rule…

Thank you PX125R.

Depois de 861 desenhos, hoje desrespeitei uma das regras deste Blog: Nao desenhar desde fotografia.

Um amigo pediu-me um desenho de Porsche clássico que nao conseguia encontrar em Valencia, fui assim forçado a quebrar a regra….



The first year I lived in Paris I was lucky to live right next to this residence. Unfortunatly, the building was closed that year, though temporarly rented to some movie producers. One night, they organized a private party, that was when me and my girlfriend got the chance to sneak into the building…

One of my favorite spots in Paris: the Café Charbon. I´ve drawn it a lot of times since my first visit in 1997. These are 2 examples I found from that sketches , one from 2001, and the other 9 years after.

I was invited to “draw” the lecture of David Mangin at the UPV ( Universidad Politécnca Valencia), while he was talking and drawing about Paris urbanistic development.

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