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This guy was so asking to be sketched!! On the left, in blue, you can see his signature , done when I showed him the drawing. Then, he felt asleep again; that was when I took the pic. On the TAP plane from Lisbon to Valencia. I took more thanks 24 hours from Clermont-Ferrand to Valencia due to a big delay in Lyon!

I always wanted to paint Wizzair planes odd colors! This time, I had one in front of my eyes and my flight to Barcelona was 2 hours late. Almost perfect conditions, since, unfortunately, the light didn’t help (cloudy sky). I kind of regretted starting to paint those colors, when I realized they were so hard to get with my little watercolor pan! You can realize that by the huge quantity of color strokes on the moleskine.

From Valencia to Porto, first on the metro, then at the Ryanair plane. Is not everyday that I can use  so much pure yellow! By the way, uni-ball pen don’t work well in the plane, they smudge. What a disaster!! 


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