1280 / Tricky Sunday siesta / Valencia

Siesta drawings are tricky, I start drawing them, thinking “this is a piece of cake comparing with all the people I´m used to draw” (not so quiet, I mean). But, then, the “siesta” people (although sleeping) suddenly move, always before the drawing is finished!

At the end, it is one of the most stressful “kind of drawing”, knowing I have to rush and finish it, running against time!

That is why I, this time, I made some process pictures, like this one, when the “model” started moving his legs and arms.


1276 / Castillo de Mota / Medina del Campo // Spain

I found this drawing from one of my trips from Porto to Valencia.

It was one of the most powerful castles in Europe the XVth and XVIth centuries. I was a bit disappointed because it is was too “reconstructed” in the XXth century, so I felt it somehow “fake”.

The Donjon is one of the most remarkable elements of the building.

hugo_06_2015 med campo_r23-psi

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