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Night Sketch at Salerno. When I started this drawing, some guys were chatting on the street and kids playing soccer against the old Cathedral wall. The street is the place to be and hang out at the end of the day, when gets fresher . While I was sketching I was trying to find some common point with the places I drew in Utica last week: almost nothing, maybe the wires…

This morning, lecturing at Salerno. Thanks to the students of Salerno’s University of Architecture for inviting me to lunch and pay my bill…again! I’ve found nothing but nice people in this city!
One old lady made me the nicest comment ever: she said something like “I don’t know nothing about drawing but this one really transmits me nice emotions” (It sounded even better in Italian). As I said before, people are nice in Salerno.

We were drawing the Complesso archeologico di San Pietro a Corte.

By the way, the romanic tower was really inclined! (not a sketch error!)


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