1136 / My vintage vespa / Carpesa // Spain

My Classic Vespa from 1972 is finally being restored. It was really hard to choose the color; finally, after a research (academic influencies?!), I found out that there were 4 original colors of this model in 1972. This yellow (Texas yellow) was one of them, I contacted a Fiat specialist painter (they work with the same color references as Piaggio) and gave him the Max Meyer original reference.

I’m waiting for years for the restoration, the mechanic phoned me, saying he was finally working on it! I wanted to make a lot of pictures when I saw that finally, the parts were being assembled, but, after one pic, my phone ran out of battery! Off course, I had my schmincke watercolor pan with me, along with all the painting gear to fix the problem (they never get out of battery)! The scooter was made in Italy, bought in Portugal and being restored at Spain! Looking forward to ride it again

! vespa-26-12-14-paquito_r22_psi

881 / Red light in January / Valencia

One more sketch while waiting at the traffic lights. I´m realizing that new cars (or their organic forms) are getting harder and harder to draw (in 1 or. 2 minutes the traffic lights allow).  It is much easier to draw an old Fiat Panda or an Opel Kadett!

The funny, though odd thing is that I drive chasing the cars I´ve already drawn, so I can finish them…

hugo_31-1-2014_red light004_r_p

690 / Chiesa Vignola + Vicolo dell’atleta / Roma

Chiesa de S. maria dell’Orto (sec. XVI). Facciata de Jacopo Barozzi – Il Vignola.

The Vicolo dell’Atleta (Alley of the Athlete) gets its name from the finding of a statue of an athlete there, around the middle of the 19th century. The statue, which is called Apoxyomonosand can be seen in the Vatican Museums.


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