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Finally got to sketch lovely Park City at Sundance Festival! First time I sketch while is #snowing! So beautiful!!❄️although these conditions are not very good to control watercolor (the outcome was kind of messy!! The good thing is that I found an heated public bench! 👉scroll to see the process #parkcity #sundancefilmfestival #sundance2018 #wetheanimals

ROMA HUGO of my favorite spots at Florence and the “best restaurant” in town. I bought a “Panino” at the center and came here to have lunch with best views, seated at the stairs and paint . What more can one wish?

There were some posh spanish next to me doing the same (a picnic) , but instead of my water bottle, they had champagne to drink…

When I was there, I realised not only that the classic BIC pens doesn’t work at 3500 m high, but also that (that´s good) we don’t need to carry water to the watercolors (we can use the snow)!

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