2238 / Peñiscola from the Castle /Spain

Amazing day at Peñiscola, for the #trobadauskmediterrani. Thanks to the wonderful organisation and for inviting me to this wonderful event!

I’ve done a lot of sketches from this Castle, as it was my Phd subject. hugo 2019_001 peñiscola L 72 c  .jpg

This is the drawing I did in 2012, on a similar spot ( a little lower ). I did change my way of drawing in these last 7 years!!


1263 / Laser scanner point cloud / Castillo de Peñiscola

Nowadays, architecture survey techniques, are gradually changing with the introduction of the Laser Scanner, that has revolutionised that process and opening new ways to the classic survey methods.
I’m researching on using this accurate three-dimensional models not only as a survey tool, but also a graphic tool, as a brush or a pencil. I`ll keep you informed!


821 / 2 drawings at the same spot / Pulpis Castle / Castellón

This was a challenge, doing 2 drawings more or less in the same spot. Wanted to check if the proportions, directions and forms would be the same. “If they are not the same, I invent them while I’m drawing” I thought!
I did with 2 different pens: Uni-ball “eye” and “Pilot calligraphy pen”

2013-10-006_pulpis - r- p 2013-10-006_pulpis - r- p_d 2013-10-006_pulpis - r- p_d1

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