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I did these sketches when I was, in March, at Campania, Italy.

Next to Salerno, Paestum contains some of the most well-preserved ancient Greek temples in the world. This one is called “The second Temple of Hera”. It is a highly recommend spot to visit! When I draw amazing buildings like this I always think: “have I the right to do it?!

hugo des 3-14 salerno-paestum006_r21

A Mass was held in north-western Spain for the 79 people who died in the terrible train crash, Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and members of the royal family attended. 

I was there on that day, sad…



(following the previous post )

Portugal one of the first places where the  Templar emporium began to settle. However, unlike what happened in other countries (especially in France), the relationship between the Crown and the Order of the Temple was probably very close.

One of the most important donations made ​​by D. Afonso I to the Order of the Temple was, around 1159, the territory of Nabância. Here , Gualdim Pais, founded Tomar. With its magnificent castle and one of the most significant churches erected at the image of the  Dome of the Rock (Santa Maria of Olives), Tomar has been one of the most influent Templar centers.

AGOSTO13003_almourol2_r_pAGOSTO13003_almourol2_r-p-d2Medieval castle, located on a small islet in the midlle of the Tagus River. The fortress was part of the defender line controlled by the Knights Templar, and a stonghold used during the Portuguese AGOSTO13003_almourol2_r-p-d3

definion of their actual frontiers, as well as Sertã, Dornes, Ferreira do Zêzere, Foz do Zêzere, Cardiga, Pombal , Soure and of course, Tomar, the spiritual and organizational center of that defensive network.

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