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I’m struggling to reach painting some resemblance of only a little part of the colors that Autumn reserves to this Park. Impossible, nature always wins! I not even dare to show you the picture of the real trees…


Yesterday #sketchcrawl at Washington Park, NYC . There was a crazy atmosphere at the park with all kind of musicians, dancers, protestors, religious prayers… and all I could draw was this peaceful Autumn scenario… 


Street at #redhook, close to Valentino Pier. Just before the dawn. The light was so beautiful when I started the drawing, not exactly as when I did the picture. At this time of the day, light changes in every second. I had a lot of nice and funny comments here: “that’s hot, that’s detail on the top of detail”. “Once you finish, you got a sell it!” “You got a f*****g talent, Damn, f*****g amazing, you got this f*****g van!” 🙂  

Just now at Brooklyn Bridge ,taking advantage of the (relatively) warm weather. Maybe the last day of the year when I would be able to sketch at night. This time used watercolor on moleskine sketchbook. 


This morning I’ve used, for the first time, this 0,38mm muji pen to draw in my little moleskine. I’m amazed how much more information I can sketch, comparing to a thicker pen. By the way sun is back to Oporto !

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