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_hugo 10 14003_altea-campomanes_r25ps  ago_14_003_campomanes_dOne more try to define the composition using manly watercolor, only supported by a basic pencil geometry. That is totally different from what I used to do, painting forms after their (almost total) geometric definition. Hope you like it!

8 14006_paella_r_p_sThe best summer paella is always the one made slowly at home, like this one that Pablo did masterfully!

Off course it was a reaaly valencian paella, with rabbit and chicken meat, and the right “bomba” rice!

This turistic city features the big majority of the spanish skyscrapers, holding several records like the higher residential building in Europe! This kind of concentrated turistic urban planning is rather arguable, though I think I prefer it than the usual way of spreading little private houses around the mediterranean sea without any urban planning.
8 14001_benidorm_r_p_s

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