2080 / My first book!

// My first book (English/Spanish) is finally available to purchase at the link at the bottom.Yes! At the same link you can take a peak to the first pages of the book ( at “índice y primeras páginas”).

BTW, the book has been nominated to the International Travel Book Award of the next 18th Rendez-vous du Carnet de Voyage in Clermont-Ferrand!

// Mi primer libro está finalmente disponible para venta en el link abajo. Bien! En el mismo link podeis ver las primeras páginas del libro.

// O meu primeiro livro está finalmente disponível no enlace disponível no link :


1724 / San Salvatore / Spoleto

I did this sketch last September at the astonishing San Salvatore, a romanesque-style, former basilica church located in Spoleto, Umbria. The church-keeper told me he would close the church in 5 minutes when I was thinking on making the sketch, so I had to do a really fast one!

1699 / Houses at Capri

Back to black and white drawings . Capri, while waiting for the boat.  People constantly interrupted me to ask for informations about the ferry service ! The light was amazing when I started drawing! 1 hour sketch, uni-ball on Caballo paper.

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