1173 / Drink and draw at the UPV / Valencia // Spain

I must admit I like to be alone at to my morning break meal at the University. I choose a good spot, and draw university folks!

My little sketchbook turns into a research tool, where I test materials, how to express values and lights. Then, my mind gets free, I forget all my troubles, and just draw…

On winter, at the terrace and under the sun , the pleasure gets double (almost everyday, I must say).

hugo des 2-15 _004_r22


1171 / Building + geometry / UPV // Valencia

I’ve done this drawing to show my students how to draw, using a base geometry. The decomposition of forms to their basic geometry helps to understand the building overall complexity.
The tonal value of the lines is ruled by the visualization hierarchy.

Dibujo de análisis geométrico. La descomposición de las formas a su geometría básica ayuda a entender la complejidad general de edificios.
El valor tonal de las líneas se rige por la jerarquía de visualización.

Hay un pequeño error, a ver quien lo descubre….

hugo 1-2-15_005_rec_r30

1064 / Conference of Carmen Pinós / UPV // Valencia

HUGO 9-14002_pinós_rps Carmen Pinós, yesterday at the UPV. The architect presented 3 of her recents projects: Caixaforum of Zaragoza (2011), Cube II tower at Guadalajara, México (2011) and a little house also at Guadalajara

1001 / plaza de Rodrigo Botet*pencil version / Valencia // Spain

rodrigo botet 7-7-14001_rps During this last, more relaxing week, without posting any drawing, I was able to finish some important pending matters. Anyway, after the break, I am back with the same subject of the last post ( http://wp.me/pLtki-1Gn ), though this time using a 4b pencil, instead of a roller-ball, as the base of the drawing. which do you prefer?

Durante esta última semana, más relaxada, sin publicar cualquier dibujo, he sidocapaz de terminar algunos importantes asuntos pendientes. En fin, después del descanso, estoy de vuelta con el mismo tema del último post (http://wp.me/pLtki-1Gn), aunque esta vez con un lápiz 4b, en lugar del roller-ball, como base del dibujo. ¿cuál te gusta más?

Durante esta última semana, mais relaxada, sem publicar qualquer desenho, pude terminar alguns importantes assuntos pendentes. Enfim, depois do intervalo, estou de volta com o mesmo tema do último post (http://wp.me/pLtki-1Gn), ainda que desta vez com um lápis 4b, em vez do roller-ball, como base do desenho. Qual preferes

rodrigo botet 7-7-14001_dr


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