2244 / Rooftop sketch / Valencia

Rooftop sketch at my #uskathome. No so bad to sketch at home when we have a rooftop and good weather. It was a shame that the blue sky got sudenly so cloudy! I hope I can draw more of these on next days. #uniball and #pigmamicron on #hahnemühle #sketchbook. Pic Fuji X30

1214 / Quartiere spagnolo / Naples / Italy

I was about 3 hours in Naples, where I went from the new Central Station metro metro line, directly to the Via Toledo. It was almost shocking traveling in 10 minutes from the bright and pompous  (french style ?) metro station (from Dominique Perrault) to the the Vicolo del Tofo, right in the heart of the Quartiere spagnolo.

hugo des 3-14 salerno-naples002_r22-psi

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