1349 / Merc at Gondifelos / Famalicão 

Fire department ambulance. This morning at Famalicão at the uskpn meeting. We were supposed to draw a bucolic riverside landscape, but I crossed this beautiful and irresistible mercedes that was impossible not to sketch!


1343 / Camilo beach / Algarve 

Waked up very early this morning, aiming to find an empty beach and the morning light. I’ve started drawing before 8 o’clock. Unfortunately the clouds started gradually covering the Sun, keeping off the sunlight at the final picture.  


1333 / best view in the world? / Morning version / Porto

The best view in the world? Morning version, when the shadow of the bridge is projected on the river. I didn’t have much time to sketch that morning, so I went running with all my art gear on the backpack. Did I invented the sketchfit? 🙂 


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