1027 / Fire Station / Alvaro Siza // Santo Tirso // Portugal

This afternoon, I visited a new building designed by Alvaro Siza: a fire station in a small city, 30 km from Oporto. As all his buildings, everything is designed by his office, from the general spaces to the door handles. I dedicate this drawing to my friend Tiago, on his 40th birthday: he was a major influence in my early sketches, when we lived in Paris.

ago_14_006_st tirso_rps20140821-203411-74051988.jpg

SICILIA13030_scale-turchi_r_pThe Scala dei Turchi (Italian: “Stair of the Turks”) is a rocky cliff , near Porto Empodocle, southern Sicily, Italy. It has become a tourist attraction due to its unusual white color, as well as by its mention in Andrea Camilleri‘s series of detective stories about Commissario Montalbano.SICILIA13030_scale-turchi_r_p-d

The Scala is formed by marl , a sedimentary rock with a characteristic white color. It lies between two sandy beaches, and is accessed through a limestone rock formation in the shape of a staircase, whence the name. The latter part of the name derives from the frequent raids carried on by Turks

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