1619 / Atrani from the tower / Amalfi Coast

Another sketch done on the same place where Master Louis kahn ,was drawing, back on 1929. It’s so exciting to follow his steps! The manager of the tower restaurant was nice and let me sit on the right (now private) spot.
I would draw every corner of Atrani, love this place. Feel so lucky for being here for hours and seeing how the light slowly changes. every corner is a (pleasant) surprise, sometimes I cannot avoid saying to myself “uau!!”.
Architects and urban planners should learn how simple and amazingly buildings are harmonically adapted to the landscape in such an human scale!

1614 / Santa Maria delle Grazie / Ravello.

Following Louis Kahn steps. The architect and Master did exactly this same sketch in 1929, on his famous Amalfi sketches, from the steps that lead to Santa Maria delle Grazie, at Ravello.

The Light contrast was so strong (I was under an arch) that I had to walk down some stairs to make the picture, so, the sketch and the pic are not exactly the same point of view.

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