936 / The longest drawing*Iglesia de St. Tomas / Valencia

My longest drawing : almost 5 hours (in three sessions) seated in the square and drawing this church!! In order to try another kind of drawings, I´m trying to make it slower. So I´ve been sketching with a friend that uses to make some fantastic, though prolonged drawings: no matter how slow I am, he will always be slower than me! So, at the same time I´m trying to spend more time with my drawings, he is hoping to get faster…

I must admit that after scanning it, I found some perspective mistakes! That is what I get for drawing all this complex geometry directly with a pen!

The church, designed by Padre Tosca, with clear influence of Vignola, is located at Plaza de San Vicente Ferrer, usually known as “Plaza de los Patos”.

iglesia st tomas001_r_p

st tomas det_rr

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